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Expertise counts.  Trained as a hydrogeologist, Alan Dulaney was the Water Policy Administrator for the City of Peoria for over a decade.  He will bring to the Board of Directors of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District the technical, regulatory, and customer service viewpoint that the Board so badly needs. 

 The Central Arizona Water Conservation District operates the Central Arizona Project (CAP) canal, itself the result of a century of effort by Arizona leaders to bring Colorado River water to Maricopa County and beyond.

   Today the future looks more challenging.  The Colorado River has reached a tipping point, and Arizona could lose massive amounts of water delivered via the CAP canal. We are already in a declared shortage, which could become worse. Serious economic repercussions may well result as Arizona’s sustainability is called into question. Expertise in water matters will be required to steer CAP through the coming years.  This is why Alan Dulaney is running for the Board of Directors, and why you should vote for Alan Dulaney on November 8—to bring serious water expertise to decision-making at the Central Arizona Project.

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