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Who is Alan Dulaney--me--and why is he the best qualified candidate for the CAWCD Board of Directors?

It really works out to who has the right background.  First, the best candidate has an education relevant to water issues.  Second, the best candidate has plenty of experience dealing with water policy.  Those two add up to the major criterion:  expertise.

I have the Three E's:  Education, Experience, and Expertise.  Check out the specifics below:

Master of Science, Geology, Northern Arizona University.

City of Peoria, 2007 to 2019, now retired.  As the Peoria's Water Policy Administrator, I provided regulatory and hydrogeological expertise for the City, and actively represented the City at Central Arizona Water Conservation District (CAWCD), Salt River Project (SRP), Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR), Arizona Power Authority, Bureau of Reclamation, and other organizations. 

  • Based on extensive familiarity with ADWR statutes and rules, successfully prepared the renewal application for the Peoria’s Designation of Assured Water Supply and the withdrawal of the City from the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (Peoria is the only major city to have ever withdrawn).

  • Handled all renewals and updates of City’s Recovery Well, Service Area, and other permits with ADWR, Annual Reports to ADWR, and updates for City’s Water Delivery and Use Agreement with SRP.  All service area wells were added to the recovery well permit in preparation for the future.

  • Secured award of 691 kilowatts of capacity and 1.5+ million kilowatt-hours of usage in the Federal re-allocation of hydroelectrical power from Hoover Dam, in order to offset rising electrical costs of running treatment plants.

  • Applied hydrogeological and regulatory expertise to well design and location and development of recharge facilities, including a new well in the previously unexplored Lake Pleasant Sub-basin.

  • Conducted multiple reviews of proposed developments in Peoria for water resources sufficiency, and participated in developed of Integrated Resources Master Plan.

Arizona Department of Water Resources, 1998-2007.  Varied experience gave me great familiarity the most important programs at ADWR (Well Permitting, Assured Water Supply, recharge, and Active Management Areas).

  • As part of Assured and Adequate Water Supply Program, evaluated 250+ applications for Certificates of Assured Water Supply, Analyses and Designations of Assured and Adequate Water Supply, and Water Reports. 

  • Supervised Notice of Intent (well permits) re-engineering project resulting in markedly improved customer service and compliance with the Licensing Time Frame rule.  Supervised the NOI Unit, which was awarded Unit of the Year in 2000. I received a Special Achievement Award in 2001. 

  • Managed the drillers’ licensing program with timely renewals of 330 licenses and issuance of 13 new licenses, and maintained communications between drillers’ groups, county environmental health officials, and ADWR, working towards further improvements in the overall process.

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, 1987-1998.  Program Supervisor position required skills in negotiating with consultants, governmental agencies and private corporations, and provided a thorough understanding of groundwater issues.

  • Managed the State Lead Unit of the Underground Storage Tank (UST) Section, supervised six senior hydrologists conducting 130 site investigations and remedial actions across Arizona, all under budget.

  • Wrote scopes of work for new state contracts with consultants, supervised consultant work, and negotiated reductions in charges with state contractors, working closely with Procurement Section to resolve performance and billing problems and gain the best value for Arizona.

  • Created the new Remedial Actions Unit, supervised four senior hydrologists, guided the development of unit work flow processes, including State Assurance Fund (SAF) work plan reviews, developed new guidance for Corrective Action Plans, participated in rule-making for SAF pre-approval work plans and soil remediation. 

HydroGeoChem, 1984-87.  As a hydrogeologist, I worked on a large-scale modeling project on the Navajo and Hopi Indian Reservations.  I was also the primary field technician gathering water samples from 60+ wells.

Arizona Hydrological Society, 1985 to present.  Active participation in Arizona Hydrological Society, a leading volunteer organization, has provided opportunities for networking and professional development, enhanced my oral and written communication skills, and developed skills at eliciting cooperation amongst disparate personalities, and motivating efforts to achieve AHS goals.

  • Wrote 150+ monthly “Government Goings-On” columns for AHS Newsletter since 2007 (still writing), plus 60 “Viewpoint” columns on relevant water issues; presented numerous talks.

  • President of AHS Corporate Board, 2007-2012; dues were not raised despite recession.

  • Chairman of Planning Committee for 2015 Annual Symposium; Co-Chair for 2018 Annual Symposium.

Member, Arizona Water Association and Environmental Professionals of Arizona, both professional organizations.

So I have education and experience well covered, and that gives me the expertise that the Board of Directors of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District needs in this time of crisis.  Now that I am retired, I have no conflicts of interest due to employment.  That is why Alan Dulaney is the best qualified candidate, and why you should vote for me, Alan Dulaney, on November 8.

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