I have been endorsed by the proven leaders listed below, for which I am very grateful.

Cathy Carlat, Mayor of Peoria


“This is an unprecedented time of drought and the probability of a shortage of water on the Colorado River is high.  Now, more than ever, the CAWCD Board of Directors must have a knowledgeable and capable governing body in place.  Alan Dulaney is an expert in this field and knows all the complexities of assuring water in the desert.  He has spent his career managing water resources and structuring the portfolio of Colorado River users to provide a stable future. During this critical time, we need Alan Dulaney on the CAWCD Board.”

Endorsement by Kathleen Ferris

Former Director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources,

Former Executive Director of the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association


Alan Dulaney is a veteran Arizona water professional who will bring essential expertise to the Board of Directors of the Central Arizona Water Conservation District.  The Board makes decisions that affect Colorado River water delivered through the Central Arizona Project.  Those decisions include deciding how much cities, industries and farmers will pay for that water.  The Board is also responsible for buying water to replenish the groundwater pumped for many of the outlying residential developments in Maricopa County, and must decide how much homeowners in these developments will be charged for this water.  As a long-time water professional, Alan will bring insight and experience to these deliberations, so critical in this time of drought.  He is intimately familiar with the Board's duties because of his decades working for the Arizona Department of Water Resources and the City of Peoria.  Alan Dulaney will use his technical and policy expertise to preserve Colorado River water, ensure sustainable development, and improve customer service.  Please join me in voting for him.