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When I ran for the Board of Directors in 2018, I asked for donations.  Mostly I used money that I myself loaned to my campaign, but I did receive some donations.  While I remain very grateful to my friends that donated to my 2018 campaign, this year I am trying something radically different.

I’m not asking for money.

During the last four years, the Arizona Legislature passed a law that basically said that candidates for non-partisan district offices—like the CAWCD Board of Directors—do not have to file financial statements each quarter and appoint a campaign treasurer and name a committee and keep a separate bank account.  Such candidates must keep the total of donations and expenditures to less than $1300.00.  Well, I have my signs left over from 2018, some a bit bedraggled but very usable.  I have my website, which you are reading now, and I paid a fee to keep that going.  I will probably pay to have some business cards printed up with a free QR code so that I can pass them out and people will be directed to this website.  All that amounts to less than $600.00 in expenditures, and somewhat less in donations I myself am making to my campaign.  I am holding to that limit.  I won’t be doing any more advertising than the old signs, this website, and the cards.  I will talk to anybody about why the Central Arizona Project canal is vital to the state, and why folks should vote for me to be on the Board of Directors—but I won’t take any money.

That is heresy in the modern political climate, where only well-funded candidates seem to have a chance.  I think the message is far more important than the money, and you can judge my message in depth for yourself on this website.  I will ask for your vote in the November 8 election.   Your vote is more critical than your check.

Please vote for me, Alan Dulaney, on November 8.  Thank you.

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